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Events and workshops


Events Spring 2023

Apr 17 - 19 | Workshop on Data Visualization in R - Lund

Organized by  NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden

A national course open for PhD students (prioritized), postdocs, researchers and other employees within Swedish universities who are interested in learning to produce publication quality plots using different packages in R.

Where: Retina D227, Biologihuset
Sölvegatan 35, Lund, 223 62

Contact: edu [dot] plotting [dot] r [at] nbis [dot] se


Read more about the syllabus, entry requirements and fee.  

Apply before 31st March. 

Feb 15 | Spectroscopic Data Processing and Analysis 

Lunch webinar + a case study workshop  

Curious about spectroscopic techniques and hyperspectral imaging? Join this CIPA webinar demonstrating how to solve practical problems in spectroscopic data analysis.

Examples include: 

-Correction for water vapor and scattering effects in FTIR  
-Step discontinuities in O-PTIR 
-Identification of wavenumbers of interest in Raman spectra  
-Visualization of weak but significant components in hyperspectral (IR-visible) images 
-Image analysis and classification. 

Carl Troein, CIPA application expert, spectroscopy.

The webinar will be held by Carl Troein, computational biology researcher and 2D Spectroscopy analysis expert at CIPA - the Correlative Image Processing and Analysis software infrastructure at Lund University.  


The webinar will be followed by a non-compulsory case study workshop where you have the opportunity to discuss issues in your spectroscopic data with Carl Troein. 

Target audience: Everyone using spectroscopic methods or analyzing spectroscopic data, especially for imaging in two dimensions. 

Where: Zoom. Registration required.

When: 15th February 

Lunch webinar: 12:00 – 13:00 / Case study workshop: 13:00 – 15:00
Select an available time slot in the registration form. Only one participant/project per time slot.  

Register by 13th February.


Events Fall 2022

Oct 24-26 | Lund Visualization Week


Join Lund Visualization Week arranged by the Lund University node of InfraVis and by CIPA - the InfraVis@LU coordinating unit. Explore data visualization opportunities in a variety of research areas, from natural sciences to humanities.

Visualization of an eye. Illustration.

Visualization of single-cell gene expression, identification of environmental disasters through visualization, using visualization to explore the relation between language use and motion as well as visualization with Blender and Paraview. This is just a taste of the presentations and hands-on workshops you can expect at Lund Visualization Week. 

Where: VR Lab at Ingvar Kamprad Design Center, Sölvegatan 26, 223 62 Lund
When: 24th - 26th October, 2022.

Detailed programme: 


10.00-11.00. Visualizing the Past: the Use of 3D Recording Technology in Support of Archaeology (Nicolò Dell’Unto)

11.15-12.00. Virtual Reality Lab Tour (Joakim Eriksson & Mattias Wallergård)

13.15-15.00. Workshop: Learn to visualize with Virtual Reality! (Joakim Eriksson & Mattias Wallergård)


9.15-10.00. How can visualization be used in outreach? (Pontus Wiahl & Louise Andersson, Wisdome Malmö – a venue for visualization with a 360 degree dome theater and digital labs.)

10.15-11.00. Visualizing data from satellites observation systems for identifying environmental disasters and improving food production (Alexandros Sopasakis)

11.15-12.00. Visualising results in the numerical toolbox DUNE (Robert Klöfkorn)

13.15-15.00. Workshop: Create your own animations with Blender (Jonas Ahlstedt)


9.15-10.00. Seeing language: Using visualization to explore the relation between language use and motion (Marianne Gullberg and Henrik Garde)

10.15-11.00. How can AI/ML support visualization? (Kalle Åström)

11.15-12.00. CellexalVR – a VR platform for the visualisation and analysis of single-cell gene expression data (Shamit Soneji)

13.15-15.00. Workshop: Visualising Scientific data using ParaView (Jonas Lindemann)

Find out what Lund Visualization Week was like


Oct 28 | Stakeholder meeting: Digital platforms

Join this Stakeholder Meeting to share experiences and views on how we can work together for better science and innovation in the field of bioimage analysis. Stakeholder meeting is arranged by QIM, Danish Bioimaging Network and Alexandra Instituttet.

More info and registration


Sept 5-6 | InfraVis Meeting Days, Uppsala

Carl Troein. InfraVis

InfraVis staff are all gathering at Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala to discuss crucial points for the successful functioning and development of InfraVis, including a review of the progress of pilot projects. Outcomes of the event will be become available here, in the News section. In the meanwhile, you can check the InfraVis website for more information. 


Past Events


Events spring and summer 2022 

March 15, 09.00-13.00 | CIPA Expo 2022 

Correlative Image Processing and Analysis (CIPA) invites you to the first annual CIPA Expo 2022 to be held at Pufendorf. 

The event will include

-presentations from the CIPA coordinator and application experts as well as from an affiliated application expert for single-particle cryoEM software/hardware at Lund University. 
-presentations about workstations and software available at CIPA
-use case / user story presentations
-tomography and  spectroscopy analysis
-LUNARC resources for image analysis and processing
-the new national Research Infrastructure 'InfraVis' and artificial intelligence for image processing and analysis.

Sign up using the registration link 
Deadline for registration: 11 March

See the attached programme for details: CIPA EXPO 2022 PROGRAM (PDF, 119 kB, opens in a new tab)


Events spring and summer 2021

June 18  | Workshop - Image analysis beyond borders 

Workshop - Image analysis beyond borders

A workshop about both resources for imaging and analysis, but also for science cases. Stay for the virtual theme session, bring your own questions up for discussion, display a digital poster, or just mingle and hang around in the virtual meeting space REMO where you can listen to discussions around different tables and view posters.


For more information visit


June | Mondays with MATLAB - Using MATLAB in an HPC environment

A three series workshop on parallel computing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning using large compute resources.

With MATLAB and the MATLAB Parallel Server, researchers can use the familiar MATLAB environment to run computationally intensive MATLAB programs efficiently on computer clusters. This event will introduce participants who are familiar with the MATLAB environment to the MATLAB Parallel Server and show how to run batch jobs, parallel computations, and provide insights into the caveats in running in a cluster environment. The event will also show how to use the built-in capabilities for Machine Learning in MATLAB using the MATLAB Parallel Server and how to do deep learning with MATLAB using modern GPUs on a cluster computer through the MATLAB Parallel Server. 

The seminars will be given from 9.00 to 17.00 on three consecutive Mondays in June 2021


January 13-15 | Amyloid Workshop: User-friendly analysis of spectroscopy data with Quasar - multivariate statistics and machine learning

LINXS, in collaboration with the SMIS beamline at SOLEIL and the Biolab from the University of Ljubljanais organising a 3-half day hands-on workshop to introduce the QUASAR software, to address the infrared user community's need for a user-friendly and open-source software for data analysis.

This 3-half day hands-on training will be fully digital during January 13-15, 2021.

For more information:


Events fall 2020

November 18 | 13:00 - 17:00| Workshop on vibrational spectroscopic imaging and analysis

CIPA invites researchers in Lund and elsewhere to a virtual workshop on spectroscopic techniques and tools, with primary focus on 2D imaging of complex biological/chemical materials.

Infrared, Raman and optical photothermal infrared spectroscopy will be described for researchers curious about using these techniques at facilities in Lund or elsewhere. Challenges of data processing and analysis will be discussed, with examples of suitable methods and software packages. Users of X-ray spectroscopy are also welcome,especially when applications are complementary to vibrational spectroscopy methods.

Participants will be asked to present how they are currently using spectroscopic imaging methods, and/or describe problems which they plan/wish to address with these methods.

September 30 - October 1 | Workshop | Machine Learning for Segmentation of 3D Structures

This online workshop is hosted by the Centre for Quantification of Imaging Data from MAX IV (QIM) and focuses on segmentation of 3D structures in microscopy images using machine learning.

September 16 - 17 | Workshop | Use MATLAB to compare classical image processing techiques with Machine Learning and Deep Learning alternatives - FULLY BOOKED

Do you want to learn how to efficiently and with high precision extract the relevant pictures or shapes out of large data sets? Then you should sign up for the novel workshop on AI and image analysis!

What: Use MATLAB to compare classical image processing techiques with Machine Learning and Deep Learning alternatives
When: Wednesday 16 September, 13-17 and Thursday 17 September 14-17:15
Where: On-line
Registration: CLOSED, workshop is fully booked.

The workshop for 50 participants will be filled on a first come first served basis so do not wait to register. 30 participants are reserved for the Karolinska Insitute but the 20 additional are open for everyone.  Basic knowledge of MATLAB is a prerequisite. If you have any questions, contact Anders Sjöström, CIPA (anders [dot] sjostrom [at] lunarc [dot] lu [dot] se). Workshop organised by CIPA, KI and the MathWorks.


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