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Jonas Ahlstedt

Jonas Ahlstedt, application expert and image analyst

Jonas studied medical radiation physics as a grad student before pursuing a PhD in medicine. Working at CIPA as well as at Lund University Bioimaging Centre (LBIC), Jonas focuses mainly on supporting users with image analysis in the life sciences field.

Contact: jonas [dot] ahlstedt [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Anders Sjöström

Anders Sjöström, LUNARC application expert

Anders studied computer science and mathematics at Lund university. Since then Anders has been working as a research engineer at Lund university as well as an applications expert in HPC at LUNARC. Anders is an expert in using MATLAB on large computer resources and has twenty years of experience in using supercomputer resources.

Contact: anders [dot] sjostrom [at] construction [dot] lth [dot] se

Carl Troein

Carl Troein, 2D spectroscopy analysis expert

Carl studied physics and drifted into computational biology as a grad student at Lund University. Splitting his time between CIPA, Computational Biology & Biological Physics (CBBP) and MEMEG, Carl is currently focused on developing methods and tools for processing 2D microspectroscopy data.

Contact: carl [at] thep [dot] lu [dot] se

Alexandros sitting infront of a book shelf. Photography.

Alexandros Sopasakis, application expert

Alexandros studied mathematics and traffic flow modeling at Texas A&M Univ. Subsequent post-doc appointments at NYU and UCBerkeley focused on planetary weather modeling and stochastic particle systems. Recent work emphasizes hybrid (ML and PDEs)  applications where ML trained models assist the physics/dynamics. Applications range from image analysis and anomaly detection (auto-encoders) to plasma protein electrophoresis with UNets or decision trees.

alexandros [dot] sopasakis [at] math [dot] lth [dot] se

Emmanuel Larsson, photo. Photographer: private

Emanuel Larsson, application expert in Tomographic Imaging and Image Analysis

Emanuel studied Engineering Biology at Linköping University, and later on obtained a Joint PhD in Molecular Physics and Information Engineering from Linköping University and University of Trieste, Italy. He has previously been stationed at both micro and nano tomography beamlines at Synchrotron facilities. Emanuel mainly focuses on supporting users with tomographic X-ray and neutron imaging and image analysis, within both CIPA, QIM - Center for Quantification of Imaging Data from MAX IV, and the ForMAX portal, at LUNARC and at the Division of Solids Mechanics.

Contact: emanuel [dot] larsson [at] solid [dot] lth [dot] se

Katja Woxell. Communications Officer. Photo.

Katja Woxell, Communications Officer, CIPA/InfraVis/HALOS

Katja holds a master’s degree in Language and Linguistics and is specialized in Cognitive Semiotics – the transdisciplinary science of language, communication, media and mind. She has a background as a copywriter, journalist and scientific editor as well as ten years of experience as a language teacher and translator, all of which have helped her build skills that come in handy in different ways in her work as a communications officer. She is an aspiring researcher with focus on empathy and movement. Katja considers her strong interest in research her primary advantage as Communications Officer for the research infrastructures CIPA and InfraVis.

Contact: katja [dot] woxell [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se