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The vision for the CIPA unit is to host several researchers and application experts in image processing and analysis, including also the growing need for visualisation to serve users from Lund University as well as to the largest possible extent also users from elsewhere including industry and other private companies. 

Since the need for the infrastructure resource is large and to a great extent, both at local and national level, unmet today, there will be the need for prioritization of tasks. Prioritization on the basis of scientific excellence and strategic importance will be made by the MicLU SC with co-opted representatives from FoHT and MAX IV. We envision that the facility will require a continuously high degree of developmental work as new imaging modalities become available. 

CIPA is financed by Lund University, FoS and FoM infrastructure funding.

From the start in May 2019, over 50 users have already taken advantage of the opportunity for support and development through CIPA. Users can be found in four major faculties, the Medical Faculty, the Faculty of Science, the joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology as well as the Faculty of Engineering.

The primary contact for the CIPA application experts is MicLU director Kajsa M. Paulsson, who in turn reports to the board of MicLU. The board of MicLU is responsible for directing the activities of the AE.